MODNET research workshop.
O-minimality: model theory and geometry

Haifa, 1- 4 September 2008.

A meeting of the research training network in Model Theory MODNET


Excursion and conference dinner

On Wednesday afternoon an excursion is planned to the nearby historic city of Acre (Akko).

We will end the day with a conference dinner in Abu Cristo restaurant. An Arab restaurant with a great view of the old city and the bay of Haifa.

We remind that the tour and the conference dinner are included in the conference package. However, we will probably have to ask participants to contribute the equivalend of 2-3 Euros to tip the waiters at the restaurant.

Other activities

Unfortunately, we were unable to fit a visit of the Bahai shrine and gardens in the schedule of the conference. Those not leaving on Thursday can join a tour we booked for Friday morning (10AM). Please note, that the tour does not start at Yeffe Nof St. (at the upper part of the gardens, near te Dan Panorama hotel) but on the lower part of the gardens.

Within the main building of the University of Haifa you can find the small but highly interesting Hecht Museum for art and archeology. On Tuesday, 14h00 we booked a 30min tour of the archeology collection of the museum, including the famous Ma'agan Michael Ship.