MODNET research workshop.
O-minimality: model theory and geometry

Haifa, 1- 4 September 2008.

A meeting of the research training network in Model Theory MODNET

Computing services:

In the campus you will find available computers with free access to the internet. There is also a free access WiFi that those of you bringing laptops could use. We are told that a WiFi connection can be obtined at the lounge of the Rabin Complex, where our main lecture hall is located. We will also have a computer room at our disposal, located in the Rabin Complex, two floors above the level where talks will be held. The computer room will be open daily from 9:00 till 18:00 (except Wednesday, when it will be closed at 15h).
For other computing resources you might need, please contact the organising committee.
Access to the internet through some of the hotles is possible, sometimes for a fairly high price. However, several coffee-shops offer free WiFi connections that you can use.

Food and drink:

Lunch and coffee will be serverd to participants at the Resto Cafe at the Rabin Complex building as part of the registration package. Aside from that there are several coffee shops and restaurants on campus, most of them not operating after 17h00. Elite coffee and the Resto cafe do serve dinner, but it has to be pre-ordered.
The Campus map might be of some hlep.

A schematic map of the Carmel centre offers a list of places to eat and drink in the evening.

Cafes: There are many, many coffee shops in Merkaz HaCarmel and most of them offer free wireless service for customers. The map points out only a few. If you walk further up on Moryiah st towards the university (beyond the bottom of the map) you will find another small center with coffee shops. In most places the coffee is quite reasonable and they usually offer special morning deals of "coffee and pastry". Many cafes offer salads and warm meals.
For the adventurous: Take the Carmelit Subway (6), 2 stops, down to Massada st. where you can find a unique Haifa neighborhood, with Hebrew, Arabic and Russian spoken on the street. If you take a right when you go out off the train stop you will find several cafes and bars on both sides of the street. On 16 Massada st. you will find a special, quiet local café, favorite with students, activists and local people. Ask for "sandwich no. 16", named after the street number (and the price!). You can also reach this neighborhood by bus or minibus no. 37.

Restaurants: Unfortunately, the restaurants in this area aim for the international tourist and don't offer much local food. If you are looking for Middle Eastern food, you can still find here good Falafel (see 15 below). Some Coffee shops offer reasonable food as well. Marga Otero says that the Jaco Fish restaurant (19) is quite good. The new trend is Sushi but don't expect much.
For the adventurous: If you are looking for traditional Middle Eastern food, take the Subway (6) to its very bottom station (Paris Square), about 8 minutes ride. As you walk out of the station look for restaurant Abu Yussef, where you can find good Arabic food (note the large sign in Hebrew, reading " אבו יוסף ", you should recognize the first two letters, on the right of course).

Bars: There are plenty of bars in the area. My favorite is the Beer House (2), in the park across from Dan Panorama. It offers a large variety of international beers and simple Pub food. Slightly more elegant bars, with great night view of the bay can be found on Yefe Nof st., just behind Dan Panorama.

More: Along the road between Merkaz HaCarmel and the university, for the first 3 km, (until you reach Horev Center), there are 2-3 local centers where you can find more of the same style coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Horev Center itself (about half way to campus) has a larger mall with shops of all kinds. You can either walk there from Merkaz HaCarmel or take no. 37.

Tippping: In all restaurants and cafes where you are served at the table you are expected to tip, about 10-15 % (In most places this is actually the main part of the salary). No need to tip taxi drivers or service at the bar.