MODNET research workshop.
O-minimality: model theory and geometry

Haifa, 1- 4 September 2008.

A meeting of the research training network in Model Theory MODNET


Mini-tutorials will be given by:

T. Kaiser (Universität Regensburg): O-minimal structures, Hilbert 16, the Riemann Mapping Theorem and the Dirichlet problem.

D. Marker (University of Illinois at Chicago)

A. Wilkie (University of Manchester): On expansions of algebraically closed fields associated with polynomially bounded, o-minimal structures: pregeometries and a valuation inequality.

Talks will be given by:

H. Adler (University of Leeds).

G. Comte (Université de Nice): Local invariants in real and p-adic subanalytic geometry

M. Edmundo (Universidade Aberta, Lisbon): Around Pillay's conjecture for orientable definable groups.

A. Hasson (Ben Gurion University): 1-dimensional geometries in o-minimal theories.

G. Jones (McMaster University): Model completeness for certain Pfaffian structures.

P. Kowalski (University of Wroclaw): On Peterzil's question.

K. Kurdyka (Université de Savoie): Trajectories of horizontal gradients of polynomials

D. Novikov (Weizmann Institute): Infintesimal Hilbert 16th problem

A. Onshuus (Universidad de los Andes)

A. Rambaud (Université Paris 7)

S. Shelah (The Hebrew University)

P. Speissegger (McMaster University): Exponential bounds for certain pfaffian structures, without knowing model completeness

G. Terzo (CMAF - Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon): Schanuel Nullstellensatz for Zilber fields.

M. Tressl (University of Manchester): Heirs and externally definable sets in polynomially bounded structures.

I. Tyomkin (Ben Gurion University): Tropical geometry.

N. Vorobjov (University of Bath): Approximation of definable sets by compact families, and upper bounds on homotopy and homology.