MODNET research workshop.
O-minimality: model theory and geometry

Haifa, 1- 4 September 2008.

A meeting of the research training network in Model Theory MODNET


Flying to Israel

Though not a destination of most (European) cheap airliners, several low cost companies do operate a line to Tel Aviv. Such are, for example: Though usually offering greater flexibility, fares with low cost companies need not be, as a rule, significantly cheaper (if at all) than with regular carriers. Please bear in mind that El Al - the main Israeli airline, does not fly on Saturdays (and Friday afternoons).

Visas etc.

Tourists from North America and most European countries are not required to have a visa for a stay of up to 3 months in Israel. More detailed information can be found here.

Please note, that you will be asked to present a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of your entry to Israel and should have some proof of having booked a return flight.

You should not have any troubles getting into Israel. To make sure that things go as smoothly as possible we are happy to supply any of the participants with a personal letter of invitation.

Getting to Haifa

Both buses and trains connect Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa. As a rule we recommend the train, which is faster though slightly more expensive (~17$ for the round trip)

By Train:
During week days (Sunday-Friday afternoon), the train is the most cost effective means of transportation between Ben Gurion Airport and Haifa. Most trains going north through the airport are direct to Haifa. We recommend that you take such a train and avoid changing trains in Tel-Aviv. Trains to Haifa run every ~30 minutes during the day and once every hour throughout the night.
To get to the University of Haifa you should get off at Hof Ha'Carmel station (which is the first station in Haifa, see map under "transportation"). This is probably a good place to get off for most Haifa hotels.
Unfortunately, English information (or indeed any other sort of information) is scarce in Israeli trains. So you should not look for it - just ask around for directions.

By bus:
Take No. 947 to Haifa. The ride should take about two hours. Service is not very frequent and rather slow.

By Taxi:
A taxi ride should take (depending on the time of day and on the traffic) just under one hour, and should cost ~100$.
There is also a shared cab service ("sherut") for just under twice the price of the train ticket. Though it will take you to your final destination the length of the ride will depend on your luck. The driver will wait for the cab to fill (10 passengers) and then drop each passenger in their final destination. If you are not among the first to be dropped, this may take a little while.
At times when there are no trains (or when the next train is not due shortly) this is, probably, your best choice.

Getting to your hotel

If you arrive in Haifa by train or by bus you will not have any problem finding a taxi that will take you to your hotel. The ride should cost ~10-15$ (depending on the time of day) with a possible extra charge of ~1$ for your luggage.

Getting to the university

A conference coach will be available to take participants between campus and the main hotels in the morning and afternoon.

Public buses going to Haifa university can be found here.
A taxi from the city center to the university should cost (during the day) around 7-10$.

You must remember

Public transportation during the weekend (from Friday afternoon till Saturday afternoon) is very limited: There are no trains and inter-city buses. Cabs and shared cabs ("sherut") are available almost as on ordinary weekdays.